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Motion Graphics

Bringing design to life through animation, feels like magic.

Below are videos created with After Effects.

After Effects


The chILD Foundation works on finding research and treatments for children who have Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease. Most of us aren’t aware of chILD because of it's rarity.

As a freelance motion graphic designer at Dayner Hall, I designed, animated and edited this video to breakdown what chILD is and how people can help provide more breaths.

Wedding Save The Date - Promo

My sister's getting married and you know what that and a new passion project for her younger sister. I wanted to create an invitation that would be everlasting and entertaining to those receiving it.


Using Stop Motion Photography and After Effects, I created the Save The Date Invite, along with the complete Wedding Invitation below.

School of Visual Arts & Design Intro

Project Apollo

In collaboration with a team of artists, Project Apollo is a virtual website that brings Apollo 8 and Apollo 11's mission back into the eyes of the millennial generation. My contribution consists of creating the brand identity and creating a promotional video that will awaken this moment in history. 

Fleet Farming Infographic Video

The ‘Fleet Farmer’ name refers to ‘Farmers’ on a ‘Fleet’ of bicycles, helping to manage the grow-to-harvest process of urban farming.


The following video explains what the problem is and the sustainable solution, local Central Florida entrepreneur and urban farmer, John Rife conceptualized. I animated the infographics to break down the
visual process.


This is currently an active community effort in Orlando, Florida.

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