Conference Displays

HMH National Kickoff Meeting

HMH ISTE Into Learning Launch

Inspired by the new Into Learning products, I designed the pattern that

aligns the inside of the arches. These patterns integrate all three products

Math, Reading, and Literature.

Carmen Sandiego

When Netflix launched the first animated series for
Carmen Sandiego in 2019 in collaboration with HMH, I helped produce multiple projects to advertise campaigns that spoke to classrooms and teachers. 

Below are examples of print material utilized at conferences, along with a fun campaign where I got to design materials that students could enjoy as they completed Carmen Sandiego's latest adventure. This included a map that was paired with an activity packet, Carmen Sandiego pencils, pencil pouches and more!

Math in Focus ® Marketing Rebrand

With the revision of Math in Focus® covers, all marketing collateral had to be rebranded. I was thrilled to create a world where art meets math and offers a more approachable perspective to the subject. Along with creating this style, I designed the branding guide for future works.

Inspiration for the bars, come from bar models, which are most often used to solve number problems with the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Print Booklet


Packaging Design - This sample box houses MIF textbooks in means of presenting products to schools and investors.

Updating visual elements to the Math in Focus® site on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Storyboard and content creation

Sizzel Reel for Lead the Way to Literacy

Lead the Way to Literacy is an umbrella for all of the literacy programs HMH offers. To further push the importance and relevance in the field, webinars and live talks are open for teachers to watch. This is sizzle reel to the 2018 Spring series. 

Find video final below:

Bill Daggett Opening

Some screenshots of a storyboard created for sizzle reel opening an introduction for educational leader Bill Daggett. 

Find video final below:

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