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Limbitless Solutions

Web | Product | Branding

Limbitless Solutions is a non-profit organization that creates 3D printed bionic limbs for children in need at no cost to the families. 


As Creative Director, I handled the visual content on digital platforms, along with internal and external print material.


Limbitless Solutions has decided to expand their reach globally! Through Indiegogo we launched a campaign to help give 35 bionic limbs to displaced Syrian kids and 35 kids in the U.S.. (continuous project)


  • Website Graphics

  • Newsletter Design

  • Developed Perks

  • Strategized and Designed Social Media Calendar


To build bold and beautiful bionics, we are looking to you for support to purchase a new art station! Funds will help acquire new equipment and materials to take our art to the next level! 


  • Developed campaign branding

  • Video Storyboarding and editing

  • Strategized and Designed Social Media Calendar

Bionic Sleeve Designs

Limbitless Solutions was awarded the Michelle Akers Award at the Black & Gold Gala in UCF this past October 2015. To particpate in the events auction the non-profit organization wanted to offer a Black and Gold Limbitless arm!

I drew out the inspired design for the arm and allowed for our 3D modeler, John Sparkman to bring it to life. Anatoliy Dzhuga, Limbitless Solutions' main painter and I finalized the arm's look. 

I've also created concept design for the following below:

Galactic Warrior

Bionics experts from Limbitless Solutions and theThe 501st Legion 

delivered this arm to Alvin.

Watch the delivery here:

Fashion Model

Shaholly Akers, Global Disability Inclusion Model got to model our bionic arm down NYC Fashion Week twice!

Pixel Perfect

Connor loves playing video games.

He wanted his arm to resemble character from one of his favorite games. It's pretty crafty.

Photography by


Live Talks

LS Bionic Arm Guide Deliverable 



These guides are sent to the child receiving their bionic arm with instructions on how to use and maintain it.

Arm Measurements Guide

To receive a bionic arm, the child must submit forms that classify their residual arm measurements in efforts to provide the best possible fit.

Singapore's Today's Manager - Back Cover

Today's Manager is a magazine that breaks the bias and stereotypes along with other management issues that affect woman in the workplace. Limbitless Solutions was asked to feature a back cover to it's Summer 2016 Issue.

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