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Community Projects

Illustration | Rebranding | Print

Whenever I get the chance to get down and local with my surrounding community businesses, I get so excited and invest all my heart into them!  Below I included a few samples of print design for Sawgrass Logistics, looking to expand their exposure with take-away booklets, University collateral for internal departments at UCF, and some of my personal projects with non-profits I just love and care to amplify their message.

My Tio's Pulse - Illustrated Page

I had the opportunity to work on a special side project – an illustration for a new children’s book called My Tio’s Pulse. The story, conceptualized and written by local author Keith Newhouse with the help of psychotherapist Kenny Tello, is designed to help parents talk to their children about the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place in Orlando in 2016. 

mytiospulse collage.jpg

I was one of 20 local artists that was asked to create an illustration for the book using their own style and talents. As a result, the story – which was created, printed and published within just one month – features an array of unique yet cohesive illustrations.

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 6.04.21 PM.png

The book was unveiled and available for purchase during Orlando Pride Week in October, and can now be found for sale on All proceeds are donated to the Orlando United Assistance Center, an organization that offers services and support for the survivors and families of the victims of the Pulse shooting.

Let's Meet in the Middle Sticker

To envision a world where all genders are treated equally, I created a sticker that can work as a reminder of happiness, hope, and illumination. The proceeds for this sticker went directly to Dress for Success in Orlando.

A non-profit that supports women to thrive for themselves and their families.


I promoted this sticker on social media and was even able to give one to one of my all time favorite designers, Aaron James Draplin! Big thanks for the support!

Changemaker 2019 - Impower 

Thanks to AIGA Orlando for opening the door to another year for Changemakers to make their mark!


For one month, I worked as the Art Director, with a team of local Project Managers, and Designers to come together and solve an issue for the non-profit, Impower. This non-profit assists young adults in a number of services, such as Mental Health Services, Foster Care, Intensive Outpatient Care, Prevention Services and much more.

IMPOWER Lockup Screen shot.png

As a team we were able to give them a very thorough

brand standards guide, templated collateral, and updated logo.


Proud of my team members and of this opportunity to help! 

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Presenting at AIGA's Changemaker series

Sawgrass Logistics Brochure

Today's Manager is a magazine that breaks the bias and stereotypes along with other management issues that affect woman in the workplace. Limbitless Solutions was asked to feature a back cover to it's Summer 2016 Issue.

All About Type Booklet

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