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Customer Account Portal

UI/UX Design

Project overview: Virtual Brands is a REEF service which utilizes restaurants to operate as a ghost kitchen (virtual brand) to fulfill orders from the REEF brands (Fuku Chicken, Mr. Beast Burger, etc.). Think of it as a restaurant that has enough kitchen space and employees to partner with REEF to cook REEF Brand.


These orders would be coming in through Delivery Service Platforms, like UberEats. Currently, these partner kitchens have a manual experience to keep up with their financial reports, as well as training processes.

The Solution: The Customer Account Portal, is a portal that helps  users to access their financial reports to keep tabs on their profit and training materials to better understand REEF Brand's recipes. 

MVP Training Home Page Mockup 1.png

Training Page User Flow

Reporting Page User Flow

Userflow_ MVP Reporting.png
Userflow_ MVP Training.png

Low Fidelity Screens

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High-Fidelity Web Screens

Reports Page

A kitchen partner can access their brands sales and be able to run reports according to brand, and date filter.


Trainings Page

Kitchen Owners and Kitchen Managers need to view training materials to better understand the REEF Brand they're partnering with. Those learning materials include information related to their menus recipes in the form of digital documents and videos.

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Training Resources MVP.png

Example of persona

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