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About Me


Hi my name is Stephanie Valderrama. I have been devoted to the arts my entire life, ever since my mother allowed my older sister and I to paint the whole living room in whatever color we wanted. I should preface, the walls were covered in plastic and the floors protected with canvas drop-clothes mats. Nonetheless we felt free and energized by what we could create. I still feel this way and hope to always bring that excitement with me with every challenge that comes my way. 


I love illustrating, bringing designs to life in motion graphics, and have been recently working as a Product Designer. I have worked for tech startups and for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, where I got to evolve applications and websites for products such as the MagicBand+ and Disneyband+ across Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line.


Nicholas Brill, CA

"Steph is a Product Designer you can count on. She can ideate, document, present, and deliver. She asks the right questions, but also understands the demands of the project and will go the extra mile to make sure the work and team meet the high standards needed when working for a company like Disney. "

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